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Volume 1, Issue 1 - (April/May 2008)
  Introduction Letter
By: Alfredo De La Fe (Editor)
  A brief introduction letter to this newsletter, please read.
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  Is Our Right to Collect in Jeopardy?
By: Alfredo De La Fe

A discussion of the global threat to the hobby of Ancient Numismatics and what we can do to address the issues we face.

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  Analysis: One of the Joys of Ancient Coin

By: Wayne G. Sayles
  An Excellent introduction to the facinating hobby of ancient coin collecting. Ideal for the beginner or collector of U.S. or World Coins.
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  Coins of the Bible - New Data Sheds Light on
Hasmonean Coin Theories

By: David Hendin
  A glimpse into the science of numismatic research which discusses which Jewish ruler was the first to issue coins in his own name.
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  Late Roman Coin Hoards and Wansdyke
By: Keith Nurse
  A facinating article which discusses several Late Roman UK coin hoard finds in connection with Wansdyke.
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  In The News - Articles and Press Releases of
Interest to Ancient Numismatists
  Perhaps the largest find of coins of the Middle Ages in Sourthern Sweden by a Nine year old boy. .

Hispanic Society Suing ANS seeking the return of 38,000 coins..

Israel Numismatic Society has voted to accept foreign members..

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