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   Islamic >> Umayyad of Spain >> Amirate (First Period) , Amirate (First Period)
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Album 339
Miles 45
ICV 546
Amirate (First Period)

Obv :  Field لا إله إلا الله وحده لا شريك له lla ilah illa allah wahdahu la sharik lahu There is no god but God alone He has no associate Margin بسم الله ضرب هذا الدرهم بالأندلس سنة اربعة وخمسون ومائة bism allah duriba hadha’l-dirham bi’l-andalus sana arba‘ wa khamsin wa mi‘a “in the name of God this dirham was struck in al-Andalus the year four and fifty and one hundred”
Rev :  Reverse: Field: له أحد الله الصمد لم يلد و لم يولد و لم يكون له كفوا أحد allah ahad allah al-samad lam yalid wa lam yulad wa lam yakun lahu kufuwan ahad God is One, God is Eternal, He does not beget nor is he begotten and there is none like unto him Sura 112 (al-Ikhlas) Margin محمد رسول الله ارسله بالهدى و دين الحق ليظهره على الدين كله و لو كره المشركون muhammad rasul allah arsalahu bi’l-huda wa din al-haqq li-yuzhirahu ‘ala al-din kullihi wa law kariha al-mushrikun “Muhammad is the messenger of God who sent him with guidance and the religion of truth that he might make it supreme over all other religions, even though the polytheists may detest it” Sura 9 (al-Tawba), v. 33
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