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ID:     rashtrakut-003-Harundirham291
Type:     Islamic
City:     Tulunid
Issuer:     Harun bin Khumarawayh
Date Ruled:     896-905
Metal:     Silver
Denomination:     Dirham
Date Struck:     904
Weight:     2.88 g
Obverse Legend:     Field لا اله الا la ilaha illa الله وحده allah waḥdahu لا شريك له la sharīka lahu There’s no god but God, he is alone, he has no partner. inner margin بسم الله ضرب هذا الدينر بمصر سنة احدى و تسعين و مائتين bismi-llah ḍuriba hādhā al-dīnar bi-miṣr sanah ahad wa tisʿīn wa mā’atayn In the name of God this dinar is struck in Misr in the year a and 90 and 200. outer margin لله الامر من قبل و من بعد و يومئذ يفرح المؤمنون بنصر الله li-llah al-amru min qablu wa min baʿdu wa yawma-idhin yafraḥu al-mu’minūn bi-naṣri allahi To God belongs the command before and after. And that day the believers will rejoice in the victory of God. (Quran 30:4-5)
Obverse Description:     Primary legend in field, two secondary legends along rim
Reverse Legend:     Field لله li-llah محمد muḥammadun رسول rasūlu الله allah المكتفي بالله al-Muktafī billāh هرون بن خمارويه harūn bin khumārawayh To God / Muhammad is the messenger of God / al-Muktafī billāh / Harun bin Khumarawayh (Harun son of Khumarawayh) margin محمد رسول الله ارسله بالهدى و دين الحق ليظهره على الدين كله ولو كره المشركون muḥammadun rasūlu allah arsalahu bi-l-hudā wa dīni al-ḥaqqi li-yuẓhirahu ʿalā al-dīni kullihi walaw kariha al-mushrikūn Muhammad is the messenger of God, he sent him with guidance and the religion of truth to manifest it over all religion even though the polytheists dislike it. (Quran 9:33)
Reverse Description:     reverse legend in field, secondary legend along rim
Date On Coin:     291 AH
Mint:     Misr
Primary Reference:     Album 668
Photograph Credit:     Stephen Album Rare Coins
Grade:     VF
Notes:     TULUNID: Harun, 896-905, AR dirham (2.88g), Misr, AH291, A-668, minor weakness, VF, RR.