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ID:     90010109
Type:     Greek
Region:     LYDIAN KINGS
Issuer:     Kroisos
Date Ruled:     Circa 560-546 BC
Metal:     Bronze
Denomination:     Light Hekte or one-sixth stater
Struck / Cast:     struck
Date Struck:     A splendid, beautifully example of exceptional quality
Weight:     1.33 g
Obverse Description:     On the left, forepart of lion with open mouth to right confronting, on the right, forepart of bull to left
Reverse Description:     Two irregular incuse squares forming an incuse rectangle
Mint:     Sardes
Primary Reference:     Barron 118a (this coin)
Reference2:     De Hirsch 1531
Photograph Credit:     Classical Numismatic Group
Notes:     Sale: Nomos 1, Lot: 109 KF 222 (this coin) From the Spina collection, ex Leu 91, 10 May 2004, 163 and from the collections of D. FÉret, Vinchon, 24 November 1994, 252, C. Gillet, Kunstfreund, Bank Leu/MÜnzen und Medaillen, 28 May 1974, 222, and H. Otto, Hess 207, 1 December 1931, 578, and ex Naville X, 15 June 1925, 698.The types on the coins of Samos relate to the cult of Hera, whose great temple on the island was one of the most famous in the ancient world. The lion’s mask is that of a skin that served to adorn the cult statue of Hera; on the reverse is one of the two perfectly white oxen that drew the sacred cart carrying the goddess’s statue during her festival. While the light gold staters of Kroisos are relatively easy to come by, the fractions are much rarer, especially the sixths. This piece is in every way extraordinary - both well struck and very well preserved. The confronted lion and bull on this coin are age old eastern symbols of power, with the lion being the emblem of the Lydian royal family.