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ID:     738290
Type:     Celtic
Region:     BRITANIA
City:     Atrebates and Regni
Issuer:     Epaticcus
Date Ruled:     35-43 AD
Metal:     Silver
Denomination:     Minim
Date Struck:     AD Circa 35-42
Weight:     0.27 g
Obverse Description:     Roman-style bust right; pellet in ring before
Reverse Legend:     E
Reverse Description:     Dog standing (a mastiff?) right, foreleg raised, E below, tree (or animal) to left
Primary Reference:     Hobbs 2358
Reference2:     Van Arsdell -
Reference3:     SCBC 362
Photograph Credit:     Classical Numismatic Group
Grade:     (The figure to the left of the dog appears to be a flayed animal
Notes:     Ex Cotswold Collection; Michael Trenerry Collection; John Cummings Collection, June 1990; probably ex Wanborough hoard, Surrey, 1985. In late Iron Age Britain 'dogs were the general purpose animals used for hunting, herding and probably as pets…At Highfield about twenty dogs were found, of which five were of foxhound type, one like a retriever and one rather smaller than a fox terrier.' (Barry Cunliffe, Iron Age Communities in Britain, pg. 382). When the Greek geographer Strabo listed the principal exports from Britain, he included 'dogs that are by nature suited to the purposes of the chase' (Geog. 4.5.2). This exquisitely engraved minim undoubtedly depicts a hunting dog, perhaps reminiscent of a boar hunt or deer hunt that Epaticcus once enjoyed in the New Forest, Hampshire. (The figure to the left of the dog appears to be a flayed animal. Perhaps a hare caught on the hunt?)